Pricing - $54.95/month

(Based on conducting the class 48 weeks per year, not counting holidays and school closures.)

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Class Features

  • Heart Rate Monitoring/Tracking

  • Sport Skills

  • Video Analysis in Class

  • Automated Timing

  • Performance Metrics


Program Details

What do we do?

We teach sports and work to make your child better and healthier using Technology. During each class, each FitKid has their Heart-Rate and physical progress monitored and recorded. Further, we measure their baseline skills and abilities. We not only chart their progress, but also use that to target specific areas as we all develop the most safe and effective training possible.

What Sports do we teach?

We teach a wide variety of Sports in order to give your child the strongest possible foundation of skills and ability. Our athletes work on everything from soccer to football to basketball to lacrosse and more!

How long are the classes?

The classes are 30-45 minutes long for Pre-Schoolers and at least 1 hour long for Elementary Students.

Who takes the class?

Children as young as 2 years old all the way through 5th Grade.

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