What is Hi-Tech Fitkids?

Hi-Tech FitKids is a one-of-a-kind program that combines proven science with our 15 years of PreK and Youth Sports Instruction.  Our classes employ technology to maximize a child’s fitness/athletic potential and they HAVE A BLAST!

The excitement our FitKids show working with our instructors and tech is only surpassed by their amazement when we all see their gains! The structure of our classes is incredibly fun for the students as they are not only learning about their favorite sports, but they get exposed to top-level technology for instruction. What kid isn’t fascinated by athletics and sports!?!

In each and every class, our instructors will leverage our Tech to assess vital aspects of a child’s performance, health and progress.  This Data shapes and directs how our classes are conducted in the safest and most effective way possible.

During each class, each FitKid has their Heart-Rate and physical progress monitored and recorded.  Further, we measure their baseline skills/ abilities and not only chart their progress, but use that to target specific areas as we all develop the most safe/effective training possible.

At the core of each class, it’s all about FUN!  Our years of youth instruction experience allows us to direct the science to unlock the child’s love of action and play.


Program Details


Safest Program

Since we actively monitor each child’s bio-markers, there is no safer program available. What’s more, all of our activities have been researched to offer the most health-conscious program possible.


Best Instruction

There is only so much time we get to work with our students and our uniquely researched program makes the most of our time with your child. They’re not running in circles, just hoping to get better. We’re implementing a vetted and deliberate program, second to none.


Bonkers Fun

Kids love sports. Kids love Tech. They’re hands-on with both and the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts!



Our program is unique. No other program implements technology for the instruction of young children. Combine that with our 15 years of experience in the PreK and Youth field, and we can deliver an impact for our students that is unmatched.


Weekly Reports

Rather than wondering if your child actually took class today or then wondering how they did, parents get weekly progress reports with hard data about the class. No more guessing about what is getting done or if the class makes a difference. Further, they are able to track and see the progress everyone is making!


Developing Initiative

Rather than getting ordered around, our FitKids are an active part of their own development! They are seeing the HR recorded, counting their steps, and seeing how it all fits into their bigger picture! They’re co-pilots, not cargo.


Higher, Faster, Stronger

Each week, we’re actually able to measure how active your child was by tracking their steps, HR, and even BP! Further, we will periodically measure their speed and leaping ability to assess what progress they’ve made and where we can target improvements.